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What Dress to Wear for Different Occasions

Publié par Vanessa sur 23 Mars 2016, 08:56am

Fashion trend changes fast and we have different requirements of evening dresses in different age period. The older we get, the more we’re invited to all different kinds of celebrations. And whether it’s a wedding, a bridal shower, an engagement party or a black tie gala, the first thing we think of when that invitation comes in the mail is what we’ll wear. It can be a bit tricky to decipher exactly what the dress code is for all of these special soirees, which is where today’s blog comes in.

For all of you who have a wedding, engagement party or black tie affair on your calendar, we’ve got you covered. We teamed up with our friends at eDressit to show you how to dress (as a guest) for these three very special occasions.

What To Wear: Wedding

When is comes to being a wedding guest, the first thing you’ll want to do before you go out and buy a dress is check the dress code on the invitation. If it’s black tie or black tie optional, we recommend opting for a full-length gown. If the dress code is casual or cocktail attire, you can wear something a little less formal. Check these cocktail dresses for wedding guests to have more selections.

What To Wear: Engagement Party
There’s no need to get too dressed up for an engagement party, so a short, flirty dress is the perfect pick. It’s chic, yet more casual than a full-length gown, and perfect for this kind of occasion. And remember: Don’t wear all white! That is reserved for the bride-to-be.

The chiffon mini dresses from eDressit are the perfect dress to wear to a friend’s engagement party. It’s playful, sweet and oh-so-stylish. We especially love the pattern on this pretty little party dress.

What To Wear: Black Tie Event

If you’re headed to a black tie affair, it’s always best to opt for a floor length gown. But just because it’s recommended to wear full-length doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. We love evening wear dresses with embellishments, bows, beading, ruffles, and pretty silhouettes.

You can’t go wrong with these dresses in eDressit.

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