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Fashion Addicted Circle

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Maxi Dress - Popular Among Women

Publié par Vanessa sur 27 Octobre 2016, 08:25am

Maxi dresses are available in many different colors and designs from basic solid colors to bright floral patterns. They are mostly intended for summer.


A maxi dress is a long, flowing dress that is nearly floor length. It often features tank top style or halter style straps, with a fitted top and a high waist. It a popular summer wardrobe staple, and often available in bright colors and fun patterns. Though it makes a great maternity outfit, because it is comfortable and slimming, it can be worn by any woman looking for a more loose, flowing look. In general, a maxi dress looks better on taller individuals because the long skirt can overwhelm shorter women. This can be helped by wearing the dress with heels rather than flats, which is a more common pairing with this style of dress.


Cotton or silk are some of the most common materials for a maxi dress. This helps to make the dress lightweight, cool, and comfortable when it is worn during the summer. The skirt is typically A-line, meaning it gets wider at the bottom as it extends away from the waist and thighs. For people wanting to minimize a larger frame, for example, an A-line skirt can be a great choice. Some maxi dresses have slightly more fitted skirts, though this is not very common.

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