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Dress Your Own Type

Publié par edressitlovely sur 3 Septembre 2015, 10:38am

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One dress is not for everybody. So, the most important way to find out the exact dress you need is to know clearly your own body type. However, whichever dress you choose should hide all your flaws and highlight your body part you like. Balance, balance and balance.

Slender Slender girls tend to have slim figures - narrow shoulders, small bust and hips, and tiny waists. Slender girls should accentuate their waists with belts or sashes. Create curves by emphasizing the bust line or with heavy skirts. Cocktail dresses, full length gowns, and wrap dresses are perfect for this body type.

Pear Pear-shaped girls have a smaller chest area and wider hips. These girls should go for darker skirts and lighter tops to balance out the proportions. Aim for a V neck cutout or ruffles to create the illusion of a bigger chest. Fitted tops and big or A line skirts work best for them.

Apple Apple-shaped girls have a wider chest and stomach area and slim legs. These girls should go for empire-waist dresses to emphasize the curvy top and disguise the stomach. A short dress is also a great option to show off the lovely legs.

Hourglass Girls with hourglass shapes have small waists and equally-proportioned hips and chest. The hourglass shape is recognized as the ideal figure, so these girls can wear any dresses from full length gowns to cocktail dresses to asymmetrical cuts.

Petite Petite girls should show off their legs with short dresses and asymmetrical hemlines. They should avoid full puffy gowns and floor-length gowns as those tend to overwhelm their figures. Petite girls look best in delicate, girly gowns.

Plus Size Plus size girls should accentuate their chests and great curves. They look especially good in dresses that have empire waists and long A-line skirts. Those who are confident in their curves should go for form-fitting dresses.

Know clearly your own body figure and choose the most suitable dresses. You can do it with the help of eDressit. Best homecoming dresses for cheap and cute cocktail dresses are all provided.

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Dress Your Own Type
Dress Your Own Type

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