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Fashion Addicted Circle

Fashion Addicted Circle

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Up to 75% Off During Till 12st Oct. in eDressit

Publié par edressitlovely sur 7 Octobre 2015, 15:53pm

Catégories : #Fashion and Love

​If there is something i want to recommend, the sale about ​vintage dresses from eDressit is the first one, though more fashion dresses in eDressit.

If you want to enjoy these Vintage series dresses, you are told to turn to its FB page:


​Let's back to the sale rules:

1. From 09:00 1st Oct. to 24:00 12th Oct.(Berlin Time), eDressit will select several vintage dresses for sale. 2. Sale order should be paid in 24 hours after promotion ends, or the system would cancel the order automatically. 3. Coupons and points can not be used for this deal. 4. eDressit.com reserves the final rights of interpretation.

Page Link: ​http://www.edressit.com/promo_sale1.html Here is a live video:


Want to see more? Turn to ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G6HVzTHCeuDkCdYZzDhIw

It may be a help to know: Shades of Purple

Up to 75% Off During Till 12st Oct. in eDressit

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