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Fashion Addicted Circle

Fashion Addicted Circle

A fashion blog. i want to share more interesting things.

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  • Fashionable Red Dresses for Valentine's Day and Holiday

    12 janvier 2016

    Red dresses including red evening dresses , red cocktail dresses are one of the most fashionable colors of the season, especially for Valentine's day. Girls Valentines day dresses in red are welcomed, as they are meaningful and effective to make a gorgeous...

  • Vintage Prom Dresses Make Us Romantic

    24 novembre 2015

    As we all know that prom dresses are needed in every prom season and party. When the prom season is around the corner, most women would seek for the latest fashion dresses. Those prom dresses in vintage style will showcase girls' personality and femininity....

  • Which Set of eDressit 2015 New Bridesmaid Dresses Do You Like Most?

    13 avril 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    In this spring and summer season, eDressit will provide more types bridesmaids dresses 2015 for wedding parties. These dresses are classic and fashion, and the most important aspect is that the price is reasonable. Simple elegant bridesmaid dresses bring...

  • Be White, Rich and Beautiful With eDressit White Evening Dress

    29 juillet 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    In this summer, scorching sun makes us hot and impetuous. It seems that every dark colors are endothermic. So, white and many light color dresses are welcomed by ladies. Elegant, sexy and lively white is also the favorite of many celebrities. So, in this...

  • Venice Film Festival 2015 - Infinite Gorgeousness and Glamour Moments

    09 septembre 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    You should never miss out gorgeous and glamour moments from red carpet. Now, Venice Film Festival 2015 is back. The fashion sense belongs to various stars will lead the current trend to a new stage. For stars, style never takes a day off. They will show...

  • Sweet Tips About Bridesmaid Makeup, Hairstyle and Accessories

    14 septembre 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    Bridesmaids are important part in a wedding, so they need to be suitable, not too over or less. Makeup and accessories should be appropiate. Let's see the sweet tips. Make up: Bridesmaids should wear make-up, but not too thick. Just need a little to change...

  • Shades of Purple - Wedding Colors Choices

    24 septembre 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    Purple is a noble and romantic color for wedding and parties. It has diverse shades. Each of them is beautiful and powerful to bring great fashion sense. To us all, purple represents royalty and it’s one of the most popular wedding color. From bouquets...

  • Classic 5 Trends of Bridesmaid Dresses You Must Know

    08 octobre 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    These years, i'm addicted to finding fabulous couture options for bridesmaids. Brides have many choices but always be confused about which one finally to choose. If you are looking for your bridesmaids dresses 2015, the following 5 trends may be helpful....

  • Count eDressit 2016 S/S Dresses - Choose to Fabulous

    20 octobre 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    If you lack the opportunity to be gorgeous and fabulous, eDressit 2016 S/S series dresses will be a great chance. Let's count these gorgeous and exquisite dresses together. The first: All beaded blue dress No one can resist the charm of fashion. This...

  • Pastel Color Evening Dresses - Better Wedding and Party Selections

    15 décembre 2015 ( #fashion dress )

    Although it is not a typical season for weddings, most marriages take place between May and September. You get married in the spring? Congratulations, you're one of the originals! The new born leaves in soft green, light breeze that brings warmth, discreet...

  • Valentine's Day Dress Ideas - Make Him Appreciate

    12 janvier 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Every girl wants her Valentines day different and unique. They will wear nice and suitable dresses to date, go to prom and party. It is a day for them who get a chance to dress up espcially for boyfriends and spouse. So, for all women and girls, Valentine...

  • Custom Made Party Dresses for Valentine's Day

    27 janvier 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Custom made party dresses are unique and fashion. They have the charm to make you attractive and beautiful. You have chances and approaches to buy these evening prom dresses for Valentine's day. They can be in diverse colors and styles. Red dress If you...

  • First Date Dress, Fashionable Tastes Party Dress Here

    28 janvier 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    For both me and women, first dates are very important events. It may be the beginning of your wonderful fate. So, girl, prepare well you dating dress! Of course, fashionable new arrival evening dress must cater to your taste and occasion. So, i list the...

  • Girls Cute Valentine's Day Dresses Sale

    02 février 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    This is Feb., not far from Valentine's day. So, have you prepared your party dress well, girls? It's still in time for Valentine's preparation. If you need evening dresses, directly go to $2.14, $21.4 dresses banquet here: http://www.edressit.com/valentines-dress-sale.html...

  • Formal Party Dresses with Cap Sleeves

    04 février 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Cap sleeves party dress is one of better choices to be elegant and fashion. It attracts people's eyesights to beautiful caps rather than heavy arms. And it showcases the sweetheart and slender neck. Exquisite designs can make women feminine and elegant....

  • Match Your Dress With Hairstyles to Create Perfect Look

    25 février 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Ladies, prom season is upon us. With about a month left to make plans for the big night, now’s the time to start finalizing your look for the occasion. Besides finding the dress and the date (whether it be your boyfriend or your best friend), your prom...

  • Tips to Choose Wedding Dress With Kindest Cut for Your Figure

    07 mars 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    If you want your wedding dress beautiful on you, you should know which type wedding dress is suitable for your figure. Even though we ladies come in every size and shape, many of us face similar figure challenges when trying to find our dream dress. Find...

  • Figure-flattering New Arrival Evening Dresses

    31 mars 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    New year, new trend. In this spring-summer season, some new arrival evening dresses can fresh your look and bring infinite fashion sense. Figure flattering dresses in the following have the power to create you an elegant body and make you outstanding...

  • What Are the Prom Dress Trends for 2016?

    20 mai 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Not sure what style of dress you want to buy this prom season? Let our stylists help you figure that out. See which dress trends they favor for prom 2016 and the style tips that can help complete your look! More new evening prom dresses here. Trends in...

  • Green Evening Dress - Natural and Sexy

    24 mai 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Most of us obtain tired associated with going to night events soon after the though. You may wear a green evening dress , a white prom dress, a red or blue. It is actually truly tedious, when you have to go to countless features with this kind of stringent...

  • 12 Grey Dresses for Prom and Wedding You Shouldn't Miss Out

    26 mai 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Grey is very popular among the palette. Just as you can feel, grey dresses are implicit gorgeous, noble and elegant. With modern designs, grey evening dress, grey prom dress and mother of the bride dress in grey are so charming and graceful. For prom...

  • Printed Dresses for Summer Holiday Party

    13 juin 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    Time to choose printed party dresses for summer holiday! We're sure you'll fall in love with these beautiful printed dresses. No matter halter styles, strapless styles, one shoulder or sweetheart types, there will be one dress fit you best. Imagine you...

  • 12 Newest Long Floral Printed Holiday Dresses

    21 juin 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    When holiday comes, the most excited things for girls are to try out the new holiday dresses and schedule the holiday or party. Printed holiday dresses are suitable for diverse occasions, especially your holiday time. So, take a look at the newest floral...

  • 10 Reasons to Use Wedding Planner, Read This!

    23 juin 2015 ( #Fashion and Love )

    Is a wedding planner helpful to wedding? See the following ten reasons: Reason #1. You deserve everything to be perfect on your big day.It takes a lot of time and hard work to pull a wedding together perfectly. A wedding planner has organised a wedding...

  • Beach Wedding - Seven Reasons

    06 mai 2016 ( #fashion dress )

    I am sure that you don't need any convincing, but just in case you have your doubts, lets look at some of the pro's and cons of beach weddings. Seaside Wedding 1. The seaside is certainly one of the most beautiful and romantic venues for a ceremony and/or...

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